Social Media

There Are More Than 3.8 Billion Social Media Users in the World! *Data Reportal

Social media may seem like all fun and games but it’s a serious business. Facebook alone reported net earnings of $21.08 billion in Q4 of 2019.

While it’s hard for many of us to comprehend this kind of revenue exchange taking place, it certainly shows us that social media is an extremely valuable and important marketing channel to be reckoned with.

But with so many platforms to choose from, creative & technical bells & whistles, and numerous strategic opportunities available, it can leave the vast majority of business owners feeling lost & confused. If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re certainly not alone.

To help clarify the social media landscape and reveal some of the opportunities available, here are some insights you may appreciate.

Big Blue

The most popular social site by far is Facebook, with almost 2.5 billion monthly users and a vast assortment of ways in which you can serve lazar targeted content to your desired audience.

Images, text, recorded video, live video, instant messaging, stories and the ability to engage directly with users and user content are among the primary ways to get the most out of this behemoth social site.

in terms of reaching your ideal prospects, the options are astounding. Age, gender, geography, interests, job types, affinities for brands, movies, music, television and many other attributes are all available and at your finger tips.

Another benefit of focusing your efforts on Facebook is that it can be integrated with their Instagram platform, which has become increasingly more popular as time goes on.

The Benefits of Social Media Can Be Enormous

With social media you have the ability to share the unique personality, character, and traits of your brand & engage with your prospects like never before. Social media provides a way to introduce yourself and create deeper bonds and connections with your audience that can impact your business dramatically on a continual basis, long into the future.

Social Media offers the ability to:

    • Introduce Yourself
    • Build Trust & Credibility
    • Build Brand Recognition
    • Engage with Prospects
    • Drive Traffic To Your Website
    • Deliver Added Value For Your Audience
    • Capture Leads / Grow Your “List”
    • Gather of Reviews
    • Stay Top Of Mind
    • Promote Your Staff
    • Build Your Team
    • Generate More Revenue

Poetry In Motion

Perhaps you’ve given it a go on Facebook by posting some content and felt as if you didn’t see the results you had hoped for. Or maybe you assigned the task to an employee but had to worry about the cringe factor associated with someone that doesn’t understand branding, marketing or how to use the tools available. Representing your brand properly in social media is an important undertaking. If it’s not taken seriously, you won’t achieve the powerful results availble and you could wind up damaging your brand.

Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of some of the opportunities available on Facebook.

Trust with Consistency

One of the most important factors that can help you achieve success with social media is consistency. Not only in the activity that takes place such as posting content, but as well, by maintaining a consistency in the voice of your brand. You may have a number of different people posting content on your social pages, but your page should not have a multiple personality disorder. Create a persona so it’s clear to all involved what personality traits your brand exudes and make sure everyone is informed to stay within the boundaries created.

Mix It Up

If you post the same type of content all the time, your audience will likely grow disinterested and tune you out. As your gut may want to continually post promotional content, try to envision yourself as a member of your audience. People on social media are mostly there to take a break and have some fun. With that in mind, mix up your content with things that are entertaining, educational and engaging. You can take this a step further with different types of posts. Video is easier than ever to create nowadays and can increase the results you receive dramatically over text or image posts when well implemented.

Engage In Small Talk

Engaging with your audience on content helps you in a variety of ways. For one, it’s a great way foster relationships and create closer connections. You can take this a step further by engaging with complimentary non-competitive brands that have followers of their own. Consider implementing co-marketing strategies with these brands and the benefits you receive can be astounding. Consider the growth opportunities available if you built relationships with 10 organizations and were introduced to their audiences empowered with pre-existing trust & authority.

Engaging with your audience is also a great way to receive more reach in your posting activities. Facebook’s algorithm typically provides popular content more organic exposure. Likes, comments and shares are all contributing factors. Consider ways to get the conversation started and keep it going.


While Facebook and other social sites in general offer enormous benefits, they can also present you with public relations challenges, and opportunities to “set the record straight”. One bad apple can start a media storm that can snowball into a disaster. Be sure to configure your page moderation settings and filters appropriately to help stop this before it starts on your page. Additionally, it’s a wise idea to create and distribute statements to your team members as responses to the various vulnerabilities you may have.

Dollars To Donuts

Organic posting alone can help you a great deal. However, it would be well worth your while to consider investing in paid media campaigns targeting your ideal prospects with specific promotions and actions you want them to take.

Retargeting campaigns (ads you see around the web from websites you’ve previously visited) can further increase the results you receive of not only your social media efforts, but your efforts from search engine optimization, Google Ads, Youtube, email marketing, etc.., etc..

There are various technical aspects that you’ll want to be well informed about to help you avoid wasting money and also avoid burning out your audience by showing them ads too often and/or with too much repetition. As well, you’ll likely want to avoid showing promotions to prospects that have already taken you up on each off the unique offers you promote.

Once your paid ads are live, pay close attention to your frequency and the various other metrics associated with your campaigns to continually optimize the results you receive.

Wth paid campaigns, it’s usually best to create specific landing pages that are cohesive with your ads and offers and limit the options and choices visitors can take. A confused prospect doesn’t buy. It’s also important to split test the various elements on your page and continually optimize to improve your results.

If You Invest Nothing, The Reward Is Worth Little

It seems everyone with a profile says they know social media. The truth is, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It requires strategy, creativity, marketing know how, copywriting skills, design skills, technical savvy, an understanding of analytics, and a willingness to continually stay on top of the latest trends in all of these areas.

While you should certainly be taking advantage of social media for your business, if your not approaching this beast in a serious and dedicated manner, your likely missing out on numerous opportunities for growth and revenue that are available for the taking.

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