Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of strategic and technical protocols implemented both on the website that you own, along with websites you do not own. These implementations that include links on other websites that point to your’s can send signals to Google that your site is trustworthy, relevant & authoritative which can result in increased rankings offering you the ability to appear in front of your prospects at the precise moment when your ideal prospect is looking for exactly what you offer, allowing you to intercept these opportunities from your competition.

* Organic search results appear below the paid ads you often see at the top of the search engines.

And while Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns offer similar benefits, and a few unique benefits of it’s own, the difference can often be thought of in a similar capacity as to renting vs owning your home. With PPC, once someone clicks an ad, the media money is spent. Whereas investments you make in search engine optimization and content marketing & link building can be help your receive website traffic long into the future.

[Digital Humor Alert]

Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?

The 2nd page of Google:)

It’s also worth noting that not only is it important to rank on the first page for your desired search terms, but as well, to rank as highly as possible. The amount of traffic a website on the first page of search results receives can vary greatly comparing the #1 position vs the #10 position. If a particular keyword has 1,000 searches per month, the top organic result is likely to receive around 31% of the clicks or roughly 310 website visitors. This roughly translates to the top result recieving 10x as many clicks compared to the website in position #10 for the same search term. Studies also show that on average, moving up 1 spot in search results can increase your click through rate by as much as 30%, depending on your current position. *Brian Dean

In terms of aspects that can to help you out rank and intercept traffic from your competition, as of today, there are roughly 200 factors that can come into play. A few of the most important include the quality and length of your content (blogging), the way your content is structured as it relates to use of keywords that are researched and implemented on your site, proper use of tagging & page titles, image optimization, the speed of your website, the quantity and quality of links from other websites that link to your website, and the internal linking architecture on your site.

SEO benefits can include:

Notable ROI

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019)

Right Time, Right Place

Search engine optimization (Along with Google Ads) offer you the ability to appear in front of your prospects at the exact moment when they’re looking for what you offer. What other marketing channel offers such a huge opportunity?

Compounding Benefits

As you continually add more and more content that’s implemented in a strategic manner based on keyword research, you increase the opportunities to receive your most desired website visitors. Additionally, not only does your content marketing efforts place you in front of prospects on other websites for exposure far into the future, in most cases, your content will include backlinks to your site that can send traffic and also send signals to Google that your site is trustworthy, authoritative and relevant, which is a major factor to help you rank higher in organic search.

Increased Credibility

Another benefit is that there is a greater level of perceived credibility and trust in websites that appear organically compared to those that appear via paid ads. Sites that rank highly in the search results imply authority and leadership connected to the search query at hand.

Repeat Visitors

Creating content that provides genuine value and insight that is easily searchable offers visitors the ability to continually return and dive deeper into the content you post. While paid traffic can offer this ability, it’s usually best practice to send paid traffic to a very specific page that is designed to capture a lead or make sale and may not be ranking in organic search as it may create issues making the search engines try to decide which page to rank due to duplicate content.

Complimentary to Other Marketing Channels

Increased website traffic means more opportunities for conversion. While macro conversions(sales) are likely your primary goal, micro conversions(email, chat, & sms opt-ins) offer you the ability to continually stay top of mind in front of your visitors as a trusted authority in the category with which you reside. Additionally, you may be familiar with the concept of “retargeting” or “re-marketing”. This is when you see ads throughout the web for websites or brands you’ve previously engaged with. There are several ways to execute this from a technical standpoint but the overall concept is that you’re able to show ads to people that are highly interested in your business and/or offerings, visited your website, and didn’t convert in any way what so ever. As roughly 70% of your website visitors will never return, retargeting offers you the ability to increase your return on investment from other efforts dramatically.

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