SEM / Paid Search Management

You Get What You Pay For

Google Ads are the ads you see above and below the organic search results on Google.

The basic gist of how Google Ads campaigns work is that you’re able to bid on your desired keywords, against your competitors to show your ads at the precise moment people enter these keywords on Google. It’s worth noting that the algorithm is more complex than just how much money you bid. There are many factors involved, but the main idea to understand is that Google wants to show their users quality campaigns. The higher the quality of your campaigns, the better you’ll do against your competitors when bidding is equal.

Digging in a bit further, some of the things you’ll want to know about are keyword research, keyword optimization, specific bidding strategies, day-parting, geo targeting, split testing, persuasive copywriting, analytics and more.

It’s also very important to drive traffic to a landing page that is cohesive with your ads and the products, services and offers you’re promoting. The optimization and management will include making continual updates to all the pieces of the puzzle. It’s important to understand that small optimizations and updates can create significant impact as each one continually builds upon one another. Headlines, descriptions, images, colors and many other aspects of your initiative can significantly impact the clicks and conversion rates you receive.

It’s Okay To Be Redundant, It’s Okay To Be Redundant

You’re off to a great start having rolled up your sleeves and gotten this far. Another important opportunity you’ll want to be aware of to help increase the results you receive is re-marketing (AKA retargeting).

Perhaps you’ve experienced that creepy feeling of being followed around the web by ads from websites you’ve previously visited? This is called retargeting. While it may seem a bit eerie, roughly 70% of those that visit your web page the first time won’t return and retargeting is an extremely powerful and cost effective way to get these folks back to your website. Revealing 600% increases in conversion rates or more, and as much as 1,000% return on ad spend (ROAS) or more, retargeting is a strategy you don’t want to miss out on.

“78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.” * Search Engine Land

The Speed of Money

One of the most exciting aspects of Google Ads is that your campaign can be live garnering results extremely fast compared to other marketing channels.

While it’s important to carefully implement the various strategies, tactics and technical configurations associated with your campaigns, it’s realistic that you can be getting fresh leads and new business from your efforts in several days.

Could your business benefit from an increase in revenue a few days from now?

“70% of mobile searches result in action being taken within an hour.” *Mediative Labs

Special Measures

One of the reasons pay per click campaigns are so effective is that the results are highly measurable. Through proper analysis you can remove the guessing games and truly know what your ROI is on the campaigns you’ve launched as well as where improvements can be made. You’ll be able to see data related to impressions, clicks, landing page visits, conversions, the costs related to these actions along with other data points so it’ll be clear to you how your investment is performing.

“Search Ads Can Increase Brand Awareness By 80%.” *Google

The Snowball Effect

For the most part what we’re after with a Google Ads campaign is clicks and conversions. However one of the great benefits of PPC is that when your ads show up, even if the person that initiated the search doesn’t click on your ad, your brand is gaining exposure. And since you only pay for clicks in search campaigns, it’s free! So including your brand name in your ad creative is something you’ll likely want to implement for added benefits, even if you don’t get the click.

Stay On Track

When you’re ready to take the leap, commit to what you’ve begun. It’s easy to sway from marketing channel to marketing channel, strategy to strategy before experiencing results. Implementing too many initiatives at once with limited resources is like planting eight fields of corn with only enough water for one. None of them will produce the results you’re hoping after.

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