Digital Strategy

Understanding what it mean’s to implement a digital strategy for one’s business can often be a bit confusing. While many folks may grasp certain aspects of the various digital marketing channels, without having deeper insight into to the opportunities each channel offers and how they can work together in a complimentary & cohesive manner, opportunities are being missed.

Reach an Understanding

Not only does each channel offer unique opportunities with regard to reach, effectiveness and return on investment, but as well, each one has numerous intricacies with regard to strategic and technical nuances that can often make or break the results you obtain.

To make the most of these opportunities, you must be well versed in these nuances and capabilities and have the experience to understand expectations, as well as limitations.

It’s not enough to say, “Oh, I know social media, I post updates on my page all the time and everybody loves me”. Well, that’s may be so and could be a great start, but what if you had the insight to know what your competition is doing that’s consistently successful? What if you had insights on how to intercept business from your competition? What if you were focusing your efforts in a manner that could consistently reach your desired audience every single time? Facebook for example only shows your content to a very small percent of the people that “like” your page. What if you had a strategy in place to exponentially increase the reach of your organic posts and your paid posts as well?

And if you’re not running paid social media campaigns utilizing the numerous targeting insights, creative options, retargeting and conversion opportunities, you’re missing out on a tremendous amount of opportunity for short term revenue, and long term business growth & stability.

Live And Learn

This is only the tip of the iceberg to communicate the simple notion of how important it is to be able to deep dive into the inner workings of the digital landscape.

Your digital strategy becomes exponentially more powerful when you begin to integrate multiple channels together.  Social Media, Paid traffic (Google Ads), Organic Traffic (SEO), Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, etc… Each one offers numerous opportunities and possesses unique intricacies to help you squeeze out as much of a return on your investment as possible. When combined, you gain an extreme advantage over those that are lagging behind.

Memory Lane

With a history of creating digital strategies for businesses large and small, from international social movements, top regional hospital networks and hospitality franchises, to local brick and mortar restaurants, elite education facilities and independent online entrepreneurs, Blue Pilot Digital is able to help you discover the gaps between where you are and where your competition is, where opportunities are available to intercept business from your competition and how to exploit the many opportunities you likely don’t even know exist.


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